Print-on-Demand Requirements & Guidelines

DMsGuild will consider print-on-demand (POD) submissions that meet the following prerequisites:

  • Project must meet the minimum page requirements:
    • Softcover - 18 page minimum for Print.
    • Hardcover - 42 page minimum for Print.
  • Already-published projects must be Gold or higher best-sellers.
  • Upcoming (not yet published) projects will be considered from creators who have previously published at least one gold-selling digital title. In this instance, a creator has "published" a title if their account owns the title OR if they can confirm they've contributed to a collaborative project or anthology title that meets the requirements here.
  • All projects’ print files must be looked at and approved by one of the Layout Designers listed below. You may do the layout yourself, but and approved designer MUST be attached to the project. See more information on this below.

For more information view the DriveThruRPG Help Center on Print Quick Specifications

You are responsible for ensuring your projects meet DMsGuild’s other guidelines, as with any title published on our platform.

Use the Print Cost Calculator to see available print formats and size specifications. 

If you have any questions about your eligibility for Print on Demand you can email us at

Print on Demand File Submission & Proofing Process

If you meet the above requirements for Print on Demand submissions, follow the following steps to submit your files:

  1. Prepare your files for submission, review the DriveThru Help Center on Print products.        NOTE that not ALL specs/requirements for DriveThru print products are allowed/possible with DMsGuild Print products, if you have questions please email
  2. Submit. Email using the subject line “POD SUBMISSION: [Title of Project]”.Your email should include the following:
  • A Google Drive download link for print files, 
    • Cover file on required Cover Template for EACH print option
    • Interior File, the same file can be used for all options.
  • A link to your title’s product page, even if Private.
  • Your approved layout designer CCed. 
  • Include which Print and Color options for your book. ie. Hardcover/Softcover & Premium/Standard
  1. Premedia. Once an Admin receives your files they will do a quick review and let you know of any obvious corrections. The Admin will then upload your files to our system, please allow 24 - 48 business hours for an Admin to confirm your files are uploaded. After the files are uploaded, they are sent to the Printer where they are individually checked by a representative against their print specifications. On the Edit Title page for your listing, you should see a note next to your print files that says “A1 - 1000 Content is approved for production” or “Make sure that the product is approved, and that you have ordered a proof and reviewed it”. This process typically takes 3-5 business days. If these status’ change please contact


    • What if the note says something else? If your title returns with errors from premedia, then contact

NOTE: Please refer to your Edit Title page regularly and be aware of any changes in status. You may not receive any notifications about your print files.

  1. Proof. Once your title has cleared premedia, you need to order a physical proof. View your product page by selecting the “view as creator” option. Add the print version(s) of your title to your cart; you should see them added at cost rather than at your listed retail price. Check out as usual.

Note: Production times for proofs are the same as production for any print on demand product, typically this could be a few days to a few weeks for printing and shipping. If your proof has not been delivered in 45 days from the time it was ordered please contact

  1. Review & Launch. Once your book arrives, review it carefully. If all looks good, head to the Edit Title page for that listing, and hit the “Make Public” button whenever you’d like to launch. Be sure to let us know your launch details by emailing with dates, links, and a description of your product so that we can help with any marketing opportunities.
    • What happens if the proof requires changes? It is important to ensure your print files are ABSOLUTELY FINAL to the best of your knowledge. Once your printer proof arrives, if you want to make any changes, you will need to work with your layout designer to correct any issues and resubmit your file and then order a second proof, which can delay a project by several weeks or more.
    • What if I want to update my print files at a later date? Likewise, you will need to repeat all of the above steps for any and all updates (including small changes to files such as fixing a typo). The print format will be deactivated as soon as new files are uploaded and until they complete the entire premedia/proof/review process and won’t be available for purchase. Customers will still be able to purchase the digital files of your product.

Important Information & Approved Layout Designers:

Approved Layout Designers:

If you are approved to submit your product for Print on Demand you must use one of the following Layout Designers. These designers understand how our printer wants files and have experience with our process, they are also highly skilled in laying out files for print products.

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