Logo and Artwork Questions

What kinds of artwork and maps can I use in my DMsGuild titles?

Note: The artwork (such as illustrations or maps) that you include in your title does not become part of the DMsGuild content that other DMsGuild contributors can then use.

These are types of artwork you can use in your DMsGuild titles:

AI Content Policy

Wizards of the Coast follows DriveThruRPG Guidelines in regards to AI-Generated Writing, Editing, and Art.

Update July 24th, 2023: The following policy applies to DriveThru Marketplaces, including Community Content Programs and Supported Marketplaces. DriveThruRPG defines “AI-Generated art” as images created through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques trained on pre-existing data sets. (Examples: Midjourney, Artbreeder).

  • At this time, DMsGuild does not accept standalone artwork products that utilize AI-generated art. This includes stock art, token packs, maps, portraits, miniatures, etc.
  • AI-generated art is permitted for use in rulebooks and adventures, but it must be tagged as such. See Creation Method Filter below.

Titles that do not comply are subject to removal from the marketplace. Repeat offenders may have their publishing permissions revoked. A full statement of intent regarding our policy update can be found here.

AI-Generated Text

While we value innovation, starting on July 31st 2023, DMsGuild will not accept commercial content primarily written by AI language generators. We acknowledge enforcement challenges, and trust in the goodwill of our partners to offer customers unique works based primarily on human creativity.

Creation Method Filter

If your Game, Rulebook or Adventure product contains AI-generated content, you are required to indicate this using the Creation Method filter. In order to enable this filter, find the Category Assignments section under Filters when you Set Up a New Title or Edit a Title Listing. Under Format near the bottom of the filters list, find the box labeled Creation Method. Click the black triangle and it'll expand the dropdown list, where you can then select AI-Generated.

Can I use Monster Manual 5E or other 5E creature tokens in my Roll20 product?

Artwork from Wizards of the Coast official D&D 5E books cannot be used in your Roll20 Connected titles, including tokens and maps.

To help with that limitation, we've created some tokens from allowed older edition art for DMsGuild creators to use in their Roll20-connected titles. You can get them by clicking HERE.

This token pack contains the DMsGuild Creator Art Packs in token form. These tokens are licensed to use in Roll20 VTT content sold via the Dungeon Masters Guild program and published under the Community Content Agreement.

The tokens are not licensed to be used for any other purpose. All art owned by Wizards of the Coast.

Additionally, Artwork from Wizards of the Coast's official D&D 5E Compendiums cannot be used in your Roll20 Connected titles, including Token and Journal entry artwork attached to the Compendium entries you add to your games.

Can I duplicate/redraw existing D&D maps from any edition?

Duplicated maps, including maps recreated in different art styles, can only be published on Dungeon Masters Guild if they directly support another adventure or supplement within the same product. They cannot be the primary product. If you write an adventure that takes places in a location from an existing D&D adventure, you can include redrawn maps of that location. You cannot publish the redrawn maps as an independent map pack. For example, if your adventure is set in Luskan, you can include redrawn maps of the city and nearby locations; however, you cannot publish those redrawn maps as a separate map pack or stock art.
As maps included in other supplements are artwork, they are not exclusive to DMsGuild, but as they use D&D IP, you should be aware of the Fan Content Policy if using artwork elsewhere. 

Can I publish and sell map packs of my own unique locations?

Unique map packs of setting-neutral villages, forests, towers, and other locations that can be used by Dungeon Masters are allowed. You may also license your maps to be used by other DMsGuild creators but as these maps are artwork, they are not exclusive to DMsGuild and cannot be used freely on DMsGuild without permission from the artist/owner.

Can I publish and sell stock art? What about stock art that uses D&D intellectual property, such as symbols or monsters (e.g. beholders)?

Fantasy stock art that can be used by Dungeon Masters or DMsGuild community creators is allowed. Stock art that is inspired by but does not directly copy D&D IP also is allowed. For example, you cannot copy and paste a symbol from an existing piece of D&D art, but you can redraw the symbol with slight variations so it is distinguishable from a direct copy. You can redraw a beholder in your own style.
As these creations are artwork, they are not exclusive to DMsGuild. However, for any artwork that uses D&D IP, you should be aware of the Fan Content Policy if using artwork elsewhere. 

What are the rules for putting branding (logos, trademarks, etc.) on my DMsGuild title?

Content creators can create their own branding, but they must follow these guidelines:

  • DMsGuild Logo. The DMs Guild logo (linked below) must appear on your title’s cover. Personal logos or other unapproved branding is not allowed on PDF covers or cover image thumbnails. It is the only logo allowed on non-Adventurer's League, non-Fantasy Grounds, non-Roll20 titles. This rule is effective June 1, 2018. Titles created before that date are still encouraged to have the DMs Guild logo on their cover, but are not required. The DMs Guild logo can be resized to fit your cover, but may not be altered or changed in other ways. You can find the DMsGuild logo here:
  • Logos for your websites/socials. Here you will find some images that you can use to establish links to us on your own web sites. These cannot be used on your cover images on DMsGuild.
  • Covers. No personal branding images (logos, trademarks, etc.) can be displayed on your product’s cover. However, you can include these images in the product’s interior.
  • Personal Branding. Any personal brand, logo, or trademark used within your title must be original to the creator. These branding images cannot violate existing copyright or trademark laws, nor can they be derivations of Wizards of the Coast branding, such as the D&D logo and the Dungeons & Dragons logo. No personal branding or logos may appear on PDF covers or cover image thumbnails on DMsGuild. You may put these logos inside the PDF, in your purchase note or in your product description.
  • Best-Seller Metals. If your title earns a best-seller metal, you may display it on your cover. You can read more about earning metals in our FAQ here. You can find the metal badge artwork here
  • Charity Logos. If your title donates proceeds to a charity organization, you can include the charity's logo on your cover IF the charity gives you permission to use their artwork.
  • Fantasy Grounds. Titles using the Fantasy Grounds VTT Connection should display the Fantasy Grounds logo on its cover. Content for Fantasy Grounds must also have the DMs Guild logo on its cover. Please see this page for more details about Fantasy Grounds:
  • Roll20 VTT. Titles using the Roll20 VTT Connection should display the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop badge. Below you will find links to a Light and Dark PNG of the badge.
  • Guild Adepts. The use of this logo is discontinued at this time.
  • Adventurers League Dungeoncraft. Titles created using the Adventurers League Dungeoncraft guidelines and using the Dungeoncraft filter on DMsGuild can use the AL Dragon Logo on their covers. This logo is used with permission from Wizards of the Coast and the size may be changed but cannot otherwise be altered in any way. The AL Community Logo can be found here:

What are the rules for using DMsGuild logos to advertise my titles?

If you are creating graphics or videos to advertise your DMsGuild titles, you can use your cover image with the required DMsGuild square logo. You also can use this "Available at DMsGuild" logo: https://www.dmsguild.com/images/site_resources/DMsGuild-AvailableAt.png.

As well some more logos found here:


If using the above images please include the following for DriveThruRPG.

DriveThruRPG is a registered trademark of OneBookShelf, Inc.

You may not use the DMsGuild site logo or square logo as standalone elements.

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