What is Dungeon Masters Guild?

The Dungeon Masters Guild, or DMsGuild, is a community content program run in partnership between Roll20 and Wizards of the Coast for the The Greatest Roleplaying Game of All Time, Dungeons & Dragons.

Community Content are products created by fans specifically to be used in conjunction with, or to expand upon, the official game rules, in this case Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

The Partnership between Roll20 and Wizards of the Coast allows community content made by fans to use approved, Official D&D settings, lore, characters, monsters, rules, etc in their adventures, rules supplements, bestiaries, battle maps, tokens, Virtual Tabletop accessories and much more with just the click of a button! No need to worry about lengthy license agreements or applications.

Creators can NOT use the Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License/Creative Commons License or the Fan Content Policy for their products on DMsGuild.




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