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Dungeon Masters Guild is home to YOUR adventures written for the D&D Adventurers League, Dungeons & Dragons organized play program. You are responsible for following D&D Adventurers League's latest rules, which you can find here: https://dnd.wizards.com/adventurers-league. Below is additional guidance for creating, editing, and finding D&D Adventurers League content on DMsGuild:

Create a D&D Adventurers League Listing

Head to your Account tab, and select "Enter New Community Created Title" from the My Content section.

Select "Dungeoncraft" from the dropdown menu at the top.

Under Category Assignments, select the "D&D Adventurers League" content filter and the appropriate subfilter matching your adventure's campaign world (e.g. "Forgotten Realms Campaign World").

Complete the rest of the new title creation form, including setting your price, uploading a cover image, and selecting additional relevant filters.

Remember to upload your adventure as a file and to set your file(s) and listing PUBLIC when you are ready.

Edit a D&D Adventurers League Listing

When editing your D&D Adventurers League content, please follow the best practices below. D&D Adventurers League's admin team requires you include a changelog if you make reward adjustments to your adventure.

Use the Upload/Update Files tool to upload your new files. Include notes about the changes in the "Update Note" section, which will appear in previous purchasers' libraries alongside the new file.

Add a clearly marked "changelog" to the bottom of your product description. Every time you update your files, you should add a note to the changelog section; the note should include the date new files were uploaded and succinct description of the change. List these notes in reverse chronological order (i.e. most recent changes at the top of the list).

Find D&D Adventurers League Content

Trying to find the perfect adventure for your D&D organized play table? Use the filters on the left side of DMsGuild to narrow down your search. Select the "D&D Adventurers League" content filter and/or a specific Campaign World subfilter to match your table's official campaign. Then, select additional DMsGuild filters, such as a Tier subfilter (under Adventures product type filter) or a Theme filter like "Mystery" or "Comedy".

Report D&D Adventurers League Content

If Adventurers League content violates guidelines in Wizards of the Coast's supporting resources and documents, please report the adventure, including a link to the product listing, to the D&D Adventurers League admin team at community@dndadventurersleague.org.

If a title violates one of the guidelines in the DMsGuild FAQ, please use the Report button on the listing or email dmsguild@onebookshelf.com



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