New Product Best Practices

There is no approval process for products released on DMsGuild, once you click "Make Public" it will be available to customers.

We expect all creators to follow our guidelines to the best of their knowledge.

New products are checked regularly by Admins, as well as the community can Report products they feel may have guideline issues.

If a title contains something not inline with our Guidelines or Standards a Partner Rep will deactivate the title and reach out to you directly. Most issues can be resolved with simple edits, but your Rep will know the best options for your title.

1. Cover Thumbnail

Make sure your cover thumbnail has your title's name and your name on it. This will help customers find your title easily, and will make a lasting first impression on them.

Your cover thumbnail can be the first page of your product, but we do not recommend this as it’s easily looked over by customers. A simple cover goes a long way at drawing in a customer. For great examples of simple, but effective cover images, see our Product Recommendations article.

Cover thumbnails should be 736 x 953 pixels. 

2. Product Description

Product descriptions should be thorough, accurate, and clear to help customers understand what your title is all about. It should be complete—telling the customer everything they need to know about the product.

You can also add graphics, Youtube embeds, and external links to your product description to highlight outstanding aspects of your title or to link to related titles on our marketplace.

Please ensure your product description contains a few sentences, at least. For inspiration on what to include in your product description, see our Product Standards Recommendations article..

3. Product Limit

We ask partners to limit the amount of products made public to 3 titles per 24 hour period. Our homepage ribbons are limited to 3 new products per partner per 24 hour period, so submitting more than that also limits the amount of visibility your product will receive! We want as many eyes to see your products as possible.

4. Links to Outside Platforms

Only URLS to certain domains are permitted in your product description. All URLs are allowed within your title's download files (such as a PDF) or in the Purchase Note, which is delivered to customers upon purchasing your title. Please note, URLs linking to third-party marketplaces should not appear in the PDF Preview of your title. You can adjust your preview using our Manage previews of my titles tool.

For a list of allowed URLs, see our Allowed URLs article. You can also find this list on DMsGuild by going to Set up a new title or Edit a title listing > Product page text

5.AI-Generated Art Creation Method Filter

If your title contains AI-generated images you are required to indicate this using the Creation Method filter.

In order to enable this filter, head to your Account page > Edit a title listing > Select a title. Scroll down to the Category Assignments section > Filters. Under Format near the bottom of the filters list, you'll see a box labeled Creation Method. Click the black triangle and it'll expand the dropdown list, where you can then select AI-Generated.



At this time, DriveThru Marketplaces do not accept standalone image products that utilize AI-generation. Partners must set their own AI-generated image policies on Game, Rulebook and Adventure products. For our complete AI-Generated Image Policy, see Product Standards Recommendations.

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