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What is Fantasy Grounds Content?

Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop (VTT) program published by SmiteWorks that lets you play Dungeons and Dragons virtually with your friends. Now you can do that with DMs Guild content! This lets you play out your favorite community created adventures, monsters, heroes, and other user-made enhancements to your game.

How do I make a Fantasy Grounds file?

Fantasy Grounds content will be in the form of .mod files created by using the export features from Fantasy Grounds. More information is available in the Fantasy Grounds' Developer Guides:

How do I upload my Fantasy Grounds compatible content?

You upload your content nearly the same way as any other DMs Guild title. On your Account page, click on Enter New Community Created Title, just like you normally would. When you see the options for "Publish DMs Guild Content" or "Publish Fantasy Grounds Content via DMs Guild" choose "Publish Fantasy Grounds Content via DMs Guild". This will note your product as Fantasy Grounds compatible so we can display it in the right places on the marketplace.

Note: We only allow .mod files for use with Fantasy Grounds to be sold on DMsGuild. No other type of file for Fantasy Grounds may be sold on the platform unless specifically supplemental to Dungeons & Dragons.

What if I already have a PDF of my title for sale? Can I make a Fantasy Grounds file for it?

Yes! But you should then republish the title so that you use the “Publish Fantasy Grounds Content via DMs Guild” per above for the new title listing. Then make private your old listing that was for the PDF-only version using the Edit Title link under My Content on your Account page.

What logos can I use?

The normal artwork rules apply for the thumbnail image/covers. Find those guidelines here.

For titles with Fantasy Grounds content, you can continue to use the DMs Guild logo, but to make it stand out, you can also use this Fantasy Grounds logo on your cover.

How do I use these .mod files?

For help installing and using files on Fantasy Grounds, take a look at the Fantasy Grounds User Guides here:

Can I make a Fantasy Grounds version of another author's DMs Guild release?

The artwork, including cartography, that another author includes in their DMs Guild title does not become re-usable by other DM's Guild authors. For this reason, it's likely very challenging to make a Fantasy Grounds compatible version of another author's work without contacting that author and working with them on it as a co-published project. Authors can be contacted by leaving them a message in the Discussion thread of their product.

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