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Dungeon Masters Guild Content on Roll20

You can sell your Roll20 Dungeons & Dragons modules that use official characters and settings on Dungeon Masters Guild! 

Modules, Art Packs, Token Marker Sets, Content Packages, and Addons sold this way will unlock for users automatically on the Roll20 VTT when purchased on DMsGuild, allowing immediate online play without the additional set-up work. 


Interested to see what this might look like in practice? Click here to see the list of titles others are selling on DMsGuild that have already converted for use on Roll20:


General Questions

How do I participate?

To offer Roll20 VTT content, you’ll need a Roll20 Market Partner account. Find out more at For questions regarding the Roll20 Market Partner Application, see Applying to Sell on the Roll20 Marketplace Help Center article.

To sell your PDF, Print and VTT content on DMsGuild, you simply need a customer account. Each Community Content Program sets its own criteria for Roll20 VTT conversions; check our Content Guidelines to find details for your program.

What is Community Content?

Community Content Programs (CCPs) are programs that allow you to create content (adventures and locations; new monsters; character classes, archetypes, and backgrounds; etc.) using the intellectual property (IP) of some of your favorite games and settings. To learn more, visit our DriveThruRPG Help Center. Examples of CCPs include DMsGuild, Pathfinder Infinite, and Miskatonic Repository.


Which Marketplace will pay me?

Partners will earn royalties for DMsGuild products on DMsGuild.

Will the prices for items listed on DMsGuild be limited by the minimum ($4.99 USD) set by Roll20?

We will not be enforcing DMsGuild products to price-match Roll20 listings at this time. We want Partners to experiment with bundle discounting to see what works best for their products!

My question isn’t covered here, who can I talk to for more information?

If you have yet to apply to be a Roll20 Market Partner, take a look at the Roll20 Partner Help Center for answers to many commonly asked questions.

For questions regarding DMsGuild marketplaces, please email, or visit our Roll20 | DriveThru Discord server and ask there.


Roll20 Questions

Do I need a Roll20 Plus or Pro subscription to become a Roll20 Market Partner?

No! Plus or Pro subscriptions grant more storage space and provide access to Dynamic Lighting, but is certainly not a requirement for any of our Partners.

What are the different types of Roll20 VTT content?

Art Packs Game Addons and Game Modules Compendiums

Your art assets are directly uploaded to an item listing. When a customer buys your Art Pack, they will have access to each art asset within the VTT itself without requiring them to download and then re-upload them. We have several different categories of art listed on the VTT Marketplace and guidelines for making virtual assets can be found in the Creating Marketplace Content category on the Roll20 Partners Help Center.




Instructions for how to convert your content can be found on the Creating Marketplace Content Partner Help Center page.

What is the difference between "Roll20 Marketplace and DriveThru Marketplace" items vs. "Supported Marketplace ONLY" items?


These terms indicate where the product is listed for sale and what content policies must be followed. 

Roll20 Marketplace and DriveThru Marketplaces items can be sold on both the Roll20 Market and DriveThru marketplaces. But this DOES NOT apply to DMsGuild.

Supported Marketplace ONLY items are not sold on the Roll20 Market, but allow for your Roll20 VTT content to be unlocked via certain DriveThru marketplaces. You should choose this option for ALL DMsGuild titles.

Can someone else convert my content for me?

We know content conversion can take a lot of time and effort. We’ve comprised this list of vetted third-party conversion contractors to help you out.

You may prefer not to have your own Partner account on Roll20 and instead have your third-party contractor create your listings within their existing Roll20 Partner account. The contractor will then provide you with your UUID(s) once your VTT product is activated.

You will want to address these items if you choose to go through a contractor for the creation and listing of your content on the Roll20 Market:

  • You must both agree that this is your preferred method of operation.
  • If the product is sold on the Roll20 Market, payment will go to the PayPal email submitted when you or the contractor applied for partnership. You will have to split payment from there.
  • If the sale of your product is still being conducted on the Supported Marketplace, this will not affect your payments. 
    • Optional: If your contractor also has their own account on the Supported Marketplace, they could manage and set up the title with a royalty split for your payments. 

Can I use content I’ve bought on Roll20 for my own conversions?

Per the Roll20 Merchant Agreement and DMsGuild guidelines, sellers must only list for sale original artwork/content or commercially licensed assets for which they hold legal rights to release for profit. Any content that features another person's work without their knowledge and approval is prohibited. This includes free content you find on forums or anywhere else online! 

DMsGuild products can use content from any Official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition content in their products. This includes core rule books, supplemental resource books, adventures, and monster manuals.

Dungeons & Dragons products that use a third-party licensed intellectual property, like Critical Role, Acquisitions Incorporated, Stranger Things, etc, cannot be used in DMsGuild products.

The content standards depend on the terms of the intended selling marketplace:

Using Dungeons & Dragons Roll20 token/map/creature art in your DMsGuild product.

Artwork from Wizards of the Coast official D&D books cannot be used in your Roll20 Connected titles, including tokens and maps.

To help with that limitation, we've created some tokens from allowed older edition art for DMsGuild creators to use in their Roll20-connected titles. You can get them by clicking HERE.

This token pack contains the DMsGuild Creator Art Packs in token form. These tokens are licensed to use in Roll20 VTT content sold via the Dungeon Masters Guild program and published under the Community Content Agreement.

The tokens are not licensed to be used for any other purpose. All art owned by Wizards of the Coast.

Additionally, Artwork from Wizards of the Coast's official D&D Compendiums cannot be used in your Roll20 Connected titles, including Token and Journal entry artwork attached to the Compendium entries you add to your games.


Can I upload a PDF to my converted product?

No. PDFs cannot be included in your Game Modules or Addons at this time.

DriveThru Marketplace Questions

Do I need to create a new title on DMsGuild for my VTT content?

Yes, the Roll20 item will not be for sale on Roll20, it will only be able to be purchased from DMsGuild, so you will need to set up a product listing there. For guidelines, visit our Content and Formatting Help Center article.

  Roll20 VTT Item Title Formatting

Be very clear in your title and description that the VTT item is the Roll20 version; best practice is to include a parenthetical “(Roll20 VTT)” or " | Roll20 VTT" at the end of the title when you create the listing.

How do I connect my new title listing to Roll20 VTT? 

  • Navigate to Edit a title listing page
  • Select your title listing
  • Under “Virtual Tabletop Connection” choose Roll20 
  • Enter the UUID in the correct field.

How do I find the UUID for my Roll20 VTT title?

The product's UUID will be visible on your Item Management Page once it has been approved by Roll20 staff. You can find the UUID listed with its related product's name under the Approved and Active/Active-Supported tabs of the Item Management Page. Access this by selecting “Manage My Items” from your account name dropdown on the Roll20 Homepage.


What graphics can we use to indicate our title is Roll20 VTT content?

Visit our Logo and Graphics Questions Help Center section to find our DMsGuild square logo and the Roll20 VTT badge.

Can I use the Complimentary Copy tool to send my cross-listed Roll20 VTT products to customers?

Yes! You can deliver complimentary copies of your cross-listed Roll20 VTT products to customers using our Complimentary Copy Tool found in Promotion Tools.

How do I provide VTT content to customers who have already purchased a POD/PDF of my content?

If you would like to offer your VTT content at a discount to customers who have already purchased a POD/PDF of your content, create a bundle! Because of the way bundle pricing works, anyone who already purchased the PDF won’t have to pay for it again, and they will still benefit from any bundle discount on the VTT version in the bundle. 

Create a bundle with our bundle tool found in Promotion Tools.

If you want to help previous purchasers of your PDF out even more, price the PDF at its full normal price within the bundle, and have the 20% discount for the collective bundle price come entirely off of the VTT title instead.

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